Conference Committee


  • Dr. Hassan Sohaib Murad, Chairman ILM Trust, BOG, BOT, UMT
  • Dr. Muhammad Aslam, Rector, UMT
  • Mr. Abid Sherwani, Director General, UMT

Chief  Organizers

  • Dr. Muhammad Azhar Iqbal (Dean, School of Science)
  • Dr. Muhammad Arfin Khan Lodhi (Distinguished Professor , School of Science)

Conference Chair

  • Dr. Sammia Shahid (Chairperson, Dept of Chemistry)
  1. Responsibilities

  • Overall planning, supervision and financial management of the conference.

Conference Secretaries

  • Syed Ali Mardan Azmi (Assistant Professor, Dept of Mathematics)
  • Muhammad Bilal Riaz (Assistant Professor, Dept of Mathematics)
  1. Responsibilities

  • Issuing initial program updates.
  • Communication of any updates/changes in the program to all concerned entities.
  • Planning of academic and social programs/tours.
  • Organizing international speakers for conference
  • Oversee the development of conference programs Booklet.

Editorial Committee

  1. Members

  • Dr. Muhammad Saeed (Dept of Mathematics, Convener)
  • Dr. Muhammad Arfin Khan Lodhi (Phy)
  • Dr. Aziz ur Rehman (Math)
  • Dr. Imran Asjad (Math)
  • Dr. Tabasam Rashid (Math)
  • Dr. Sohail Zafar (Math)
  • Dr. Zohaib Zahid (Math)
  • Dr. Ifra Noureen (Math)
  • Dr. Naseer Asif (Math)
  • Dr. Agha Kashif Khan (Math)
  • Dr. Imran Siddique (Math)
  • Dr. Sammia Shahid (Chem)
  • Dr. Nouman Rasool (Chem)
  • Dr. Ayesha Mohy uddin (Chem)
  • Dr. Tanveer Akbar (Chem)
  • Dr. Mohsin Javed (Chem)
  • Dr. Sohail Afzal (Bio Tech)
  • Dr. M. Imran Jamil (Phy)
  1. Responsibilities

  • Content Writing for scope of conference,  call for papers
  • Writing Author’s  guidelines for submission of papers
  • Templates for papers/posters
  • Review of submitted papers before final presentation/submission
  • Publication of conference proceedings/collaboration with any journal to publish the presented papers
  • Get feedback from participants.

Invitation Committee

  1. Members

  • Dr. Muhammad Aziz ur Rehman (Math, Convener)
  • Dr. Sammia Shahid (Chem)
  • Dr Muhammad Sohail Afzal (Chem)
  • Muhammad Umar Aslam (Chem)
  • Dr. Muhammad Saeed (Math)
  • Zaheer Hussain Shah (Phy)
  • Ms. Hafsa Waheed (Phy)
  • Mr. Bilal Riaz (Math)
  • Dr. Imran Jamil (Phy)
  1. Responsibilities

  • Searching and invitation plenary speakers and participants. Reminding them for participation.
  • Sending invitations to all concerned academic and research institutes for participation.
  • Send out appropriate thank you notes after conference.

Media and Web Site Committee

  1. Members

  • Syed Ali Mardan Azmi (Math, Convener)
  • Muhammad Bilal Riaz (Math)
  • Shah Muhammad Haroon (Chem)
  1. Responsibilities

  • Writing and content for website (with collaboration with editorial committee)
  • Designing, launching of website
  • Real time updates on website
  • Publicity

Reception Committee

  1. Members

  • Dr. Tabassam Rashid (Math, Convener)
  • Dr. Sohail Zafar (Math)
  • Mr. Naeem Saleem (Math)
  • Dr. Tanveer Akbar (Chem)
  • Mr. Hamid Raza (Chem)
  • Dr. Ifra Noureen (Math)
  • Ms. Hafsa Waheed (Phy)
  1. Responsibilities

  • Reception of guests (national and international)
  • Arrangements of hotels for participants
  • Transportation to venue and accommodations
  • Arrangement of food and beverages during sessions
  • Other related arrangements

(Members from OFM and OPA will also be included)

Registration Committee Members

  1. Members

  • Mr. Hamid Raza (Chem, Convener)
  • Ms. Urooj Fatima (Chem)
  • Mr. Shah Muhammad Haroon (Chem)
  • Ms. Rubab Manzoor (Math)
  • Mr. Bilal Siddique (Phy)
  • Mr. Muhammad Umer Aslam
  1. Responsibilities

  • Registration of participants before/on conference date, managing and handing over conference material/bags etc.
  • Printing of certificates for participants
  • Arrangements of souvenirs for distinguish guest/plenary speakers

Finance and Marketing Committee

  1. Members

  • Dr. Muhammad Arfin Khan Lodhi (Phy, Convener)
  • Dr. Sammia Shahid (Chem, Co-convener)
  • Dr. Ayesha Mohy ud din (Chem)
  • Dr. Tanveer Akbar (Chem)
  • Dr Aziz ur Rehman (Math)
  • Dr. Muhammad Saeed (Math)
  • Naeem Saleem (Math)
  • Ms Hafsa Waheed (Phy)
  • Shah Muhammad Haroon (Chem)
  1. Responsibilities

  • Arranging budget for conference
  • Collection of funds from Funding agencies and industry
  • Collaboration with other research and academic institutes

Event Scheduling Committee

  1. Members

  • Dr. Ayesha Mohy uddin (Chem, Convener)
  • Dr. Tanveer Akbar  (Chem)
  • Mr. Hamid Raza (Chem)
  • Dr. Agha Kashif Khan (Math)
  • Mr. Raja Noshad (Math)
  • Mr. Imtiaz (Phy)
  1. Responsibilities

  • Scheduling the sessions based on selected papers and invited speakers.
  • Allocation of rooms for oral sessions.
  • Audio visual arrangements during session.
  • Management of Poster Exhibition
  • Management of Exhibition by Vendors/industries
  • Maintaining the security of event with officials and students

Refreshment Committee

  1. Members

  • Mr. Khawar Nadeem Kirmani (Math, Convener)
  • Dr. Imran Asjad (Math)
  • Mr. Zaheer Shah (Phy)
  • Mr. Hamid Raza (Chem)
  • Mr. Muhammad Arif (Chem)
  1. Responsibilities

  • Manage the refreshment, lunch and dinner related arrangements.
  • Sitting arrangement for senior citizens

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